AX Foundation

Mr Angelo Xuereb, Chairman of AX Holdings Group of Companies, set up the AX Foundation headed by his dedicated wife Mrs Josephine Xuereb as the Chairperson who for many years was the driving force behind the Charitable Welfare Society.

One of the main objectives of the AX Foundation was, and still is, to extend support by contributing towards the relief and improvement of conditions of those going through unfortunate social, mental or physical difficulties.

Mr. and Mrs. Xuereb with Missionary Dun Gorg Grima, AX Foundation greatly supports his help with the poorest of the poor in Brazil and Africa

Since its early days when it was then still known as The Charitable Welfare Society, it supported Administrators of Institutions and/or Organizations caring for people with social needs in their efforts  to raise funds for the many varied but all worthy causes.

This philanthropic body was originally founded by Mrs Josephine Xuereb in the early 1990’s with a number of annual fundraising activities regularly held at the Sunny Coast Resort Club including also other Company facilities belonging to the AX Holdings Hospitality Division as well as the Xuereb’s private properties.

These fundraising activities consisted in Sports Marathons, Boat Parties to Comino, and a number of dinners for family relatives and their social friends.

Mrs. Jessie Xuereb together with the late Benazir Bhutto

When the AX Foundation was eventually set up in April of 2006, other objectives considered by the Board of Trustees included the promotion and preservation of Malta’s historical, artistic, cultural and archaeological heritage. This was made possible by assisting promising Maltese citizens to improve their talents and professional standards either locally or abroad encouraging within the limitations of the Foundation, research and eventual publication of books.   It is an autonomous body supported solely by the AX Holdings Group of Companies and was established as a non-profit making organisation in the voluntary sector.  It is also registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations, Registration Number V.O. 0340.

The Chairperson, since the days of the Charitable Welfare Society, with the full support of her husband Angelo, was always the driving force for more than two decades, during which period a good number of NGO’s were supported and assisted in their efforts to organise fundraising activities for their particular requirements.

An added responsibility of the AX Foundation is the administration of the AX Staff Solidarity Fund through which deserving cases of hardships suffered by employees as well as members of their family are scrutinised and assisted as necessary.

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