About us

Angelo Xuereb is one of Malta’s top entrepreneurs however it has been a very long and winding road for him to get here. It was by no means an easy task however he explains how he once got a lot of inspiration from a quote by the great Winston Churchill that goes ‘Kites rise highest against the wind – not with it’. No matter how tough the challenges, Angelo was determined to keep striving forward, always ready to struggle against the wind and fulfill his vision and dreams. These four elements were the key to his success in creating and maintaining the AX Holdings Group.


Our Values


AX Holdings always works to anticipate market innovation and looks to build long term visions keeping three core elements in mind – Corporate Integrity, Shareholder and a Strong Asset Base.

The Group prides itself on its loyal and professional employees in every sector giving them constant support and helping them to develop themselves further. All staff members are pillars in its strength, its thinking and its values. The company has built a solid reputation for recognizing the huge gaps between what people buy and what they really want— it then uses these gaps as a way of thinking differently.



When doing business the Group always ponders capitalizing on long term shareholder value by also including their partners. This way everyone that is involved will enjoy the maximum benefit possible, not only AX Holdings despite being the real stimulus in the project.


Challenge & Determination

The Group has a considerable asset base that it constantly works to bolster. It also prioritizes the managing of its liabilities and will honor any project that is taken on at whatever the cost. AX Holdings firmly stands by its philosophy of not back tracking or failing to fulfil any of its commitments.

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