Our Company

AX Holdings is one of Malta’s leading private companies giving a major and direct contribution to the national economy. Through years of hard work and setting goals, the company has reached levels that are constantly breaking new ground allowing it to build a solid reputation.

The drive to move on and ahead stems from the philosophy that change generates progress and progress generates wealth. Its thirst for achievement is the driving force behind the AX Holding’s Group. Moreover, the more insurmountable the challenge, the stronger the determination.

With over 40 years of constant developments that have taken place in various sectors of the Maltese economy, AX Holdings has undoubtedly a vast history that makes it a success story. From developments in Construction to Hospitality achievements, the Group has grown and expanded in a large number of fields.

Company Journey

The AX Holdings Group came to life in 1975 when its founder and chairman Angelo Xuereb embarked on a very long journey that has lasted 40 years to date and is still going strong. This is the amazing journey of a successful entrepreneur who started off with a small  two man business and turned it into a multi sector magnetic empire, now employing an entourage of well over 600 people.  Mr. Xuereb has always had his heart set on the construction business and this sector was the key contributor leading to huge growth and expansion in other sectors.

1975Right from his early days the Chairman believed that diversification was one of the keys to success and his determination saw him getting involved in the hotel industry as well as that of construction. Since then the Group has become very active in the hospitality industry as well as other major development projects, either as sole owners or in partnership. His most recent project is the €40 million Hilltop Gardens retirement village. Keeping old company trends alive, this retirement village is the first of its kind in Malta. AX Group projects all consist of a two-step process where by means of creation and implementation, visions are turned into functioning entities handled by either the corporate client concerned or from within the AX Group itself.

In the Eighties tourism started to grow rapidly in Malta and the group’s vision immediately reflected its own growth into hospitality through the setting up of two seaside hotels, the Sunny Coast Resort & Spa and the Seashells Resort at Suncrest. Along the years it continued to expand with more Sliema properties that included 4 star The Victoria Hotel, the 200 year old Palazzo Capua as well as the luxury 5 star city business hotel The Palace. The Group has a large development portfolio that includes the VISET Cruise liner project known as the Valetta Waterfront Terminal, the Verdala Mansions, the Capua Palace Hospital and General Precast Concrete Ltd, both still leading in their respective fields.

The demand for quality construction is on the rise and this is where the group hits it big; by implementing health and safety systems during the actual construction phases. By adopting such practices the AX Group has seen a surge in demand for the development of turnkey quality projects. Regulations change and so have the traditional methods in building, leading to more challenging large scale projects set on international standards. The AX Holdings Group gives top priority to the ecosystem and has always used and implemented proposals that safeguard the environment, this is another confirmation of the group’s forecasted vision as today it is a must to safeguard sound environment in Malta. The AX Group now also organizes and manages its own construction of demolition waste effectively and efficiently across all of its projects.